Venom 2 and No Time To Die Top Box Office
October is going to be a pretty stacked month at the movies with the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, No Time To Die, Halloween Kills, and Dune. Weeks separate these films more than others but once the Venom sequel moved from September 24 to October 15 and then to October 1, the film landed in the direct sights of 007. No Time To Die launches the following week on October 8 and now the two will be fighting for the best large format screens at your local movie theaters (via IndieWire).

Venom 2 and No time to die Box Office Records for Pandemic

Until next October 8, ‘ No time to die ‘, the sequel to ‘ Venom 2 ‘, ‘ There will be slaughter ‘, has just established a pandemic record, raising 90 million dollars in its premiere in the United States. The film directed by Andy Serkis demonstrates once again the power of Marvel at the box office, even when it comes from Sony and without one of the legendary superheroes as the protagonist.

‘Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage’ has been released only in cinemas, unlike its MCU companions produced by Disney such as ‘ Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings ‘ and ‘ Black Widow ‘, which immediately went through its platform of streaming. The film starring ‘ Scarlett Johansson ‘ was released with a not inconsiderable 80 million dollars in July, to which should be added the 60 that it achieved with the premium subscription to Disney +. But it must be taken into account that its predecessor, ‘Venom’ of 2018 also raised 80 million in its premiere, but then there were no restrictions due to COVID,And despite the bad reviews, he ended his journey having bagged Sony 213 million in the USA and 856 million dollars at the world box office, of which 269 million came from China, where ‘There will be slaughter’ does not even have a release date for now . “This is another strong example that people want and need to get out of their homes to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience ,” Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi said in a statement.


The sequel starring Tom Hardy is once again a success, snatching the record from ‘Black Widow’ as the highest grossing film of the pandemic era.

After more than a year of pandemic, the blockbusters have returned: ‘Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage’ has climbed to the top in its first weekend in North America, becoming the best domestic premiere since 2019 and surpassing ‘Black Widow’, who had achieved the record in July. The sequel to ‘Venom’ has raised more than 90 million dollars in just a few days , a figure that not only surpasses its predecessor in 2018, but also marks a historical record (pandemic or not through) in the month of October, second only to ‘Joker’ (which grossed 96.2 million in 2019).

This is good news for the health of the box office and the Hollywood industry after a very difficult time, but especially for Sony Pictures, which decided to delay the premiere as long as possible and is now reaping incredible benefits. As noted Deadline , n or is common sequel exceed 12% of its predecessor, and much less in full pandemic . ” We are so grateful to Tom, Andy, Kelly and all the talented collaborators who made such a unique and fun film. We are also pleased that patience and exclusivity in theaters have been rewarded with record results. With apologies to Mr. Twain : the death of cinema has been exaggerated too much, “said Beamed Tom Rothman, President and CEO of Sony Pictures.

‘Venom 2’ brings us back together with Eddie Brock ( Tom Hardy ) and the Symbiote, who decided not to get into trouble unless they have to face a villain. In the post-credits scene of ‘Venom’ we saw how the protagonist visited a mysterious murderer in a state prison, and he turns out to be one of the most bloodthirsty villains of ‘Spider-Man’, who is also a symbiote: the villain Cletus Kasady (‘Carnage’), with the face of Woody Harrelson . That’s where the problems for Brock begin in this sequel, directed by Andy Serkis , and which also brings back Michelle Williams .

The rest of premieres
Of course the one of ‘Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage’ has been the best premiere of the weekend in the US, but it has not come alone, and they have also released ‘ The Addams Family 2: The Great Getaway ‘ that has raised 18 million dollars, ‘ The Many Saints of Newark ‘, prequel to ‘ The Sopranos ‘, which has made 5 million, but simultaneously arrives at HBO Max; and ‘ Titane ‘, which with $ 515,000 in 562 cinemas can boast of being the best premiere of a Cannes Palme d’Or in 17 years and the fourth of all time after ‘ Fahrenheit 9/11 ‘, ‘ Pulp Fiction ‘ and ‘ Wild Heart ‘according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Sin tiempo para morir

Venom 2

No Time to Die

James Bond 007

Venom 2 and No Time to Die Top Box Office

Where to see Venom
The latest news from the Venom premiere . Marvel’s most famous symbiote hit theaters again under the skin of Tom Hardy , remembered for his appearances in Mad Max and Peaky Blinders. This also marks the return of Woody Harrelson, who will play Cletus Kasady or Carnage . After its premiere, Netflix announced a news for its users.

The platform showed the list of series and movies that will be released in October, in the middle of the Halloween celebrations, in which they already have new titles of the horror genre available.


A reporter faces a mad scientist in a fight for his life after merging with a sarcastic alien symbiote that grants him remarkable superpowers.


Through its official Facebook page, Netflix announced the premiere of the Marvel and Sony film, which coincides with the release date of Venom 2: Carnage released , which will premiere in Peru on September 7 in theaters. cinema.

On October 9, the movie starring Tom Hardy will be available on the platform.


You can find the movie by logging into your Netflix account and clicking on the “coming soon” option. So that the application can notify you of its availability, you can activate the notifications, which will reach you on your favorite cell phone or mobile device.

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