The Suicide Squad and Snake Eyes “do not raise”, Venom is delayed: what is happening with the cinema?

We are going to try to review what is happening with the film industry and with some productions that, on one side or another, do not finish working as they should.

That the coronavirus pandemic has made us live tremendously crazy times is not news to anyone. The health crisis has led to a tremendous social and economic crisis, of which we are often not aware when we walk down the street.The Card Counter

On many occasions we have talked about the tremendous impact that the pandemic has had on the film industry , both in terms of production, stopping filming for months or intermittently, as well as the exhibition, with thousands of cinemas closed temporarily or permanently throughout The balloon.Dune

Despite the false sense of “return to normal” that we are having with the vaccination campaigns, the situation is, unfortunately, far from over, and its consequences for the industry still continue to give analysts many headaches.halloween kills

We have recently had some notorious cases of films that have been very, very far from obtaining the expected collection figures. A good example of this is that of The Suicide Squad, or across the street and arriving at Marvel , Black Widow. We have also had the case of the very discreet collection that Snake Eyes is having , Paramount’s great bet for the month of August.The last duel

Just today, we got the delay of Venom: There will be massacre in the US , for fear of the current situation. We are going to dig into the ins and outs of the industry to try to discern what is going on. Keep in mind that part of what I write in the following lines is based on a personal opinion based on my experience in the sector, hence I will use the conditional frequently.

The coronavirus pandemic is the second great pandemic that the Seventh Art has experienced since it was conceived, but the flu pandemic of the early twentieth century had the industry still too “in diapers” for the repercussion to make so much noise, and that that the cinema at that time was silent.The aforementioned impacts on productions have led the studios to take a series of more or less drastic measures to try to save the furniture. Some measures worked, others didn’t.

Despite the fact that in recent months it has been seen how the film exhibition sector cautiously poked its head out to breathe, although not by far with the figures that productions had in 2019. This implies a serious problem, because productions they still cost the same, but revenues plummet.

While there are movies like Godzilla vs Kong, A Quiet Place 2 or Fast & Furious 9 that have managed to keep the type in these difficult circumstances, it has not been the case of The Suicide Squad . The James Gunn film expected to raise (in the US) more than 30 million dollars, and it has remained at 26 million .

In the case of Snake Eyes, the film had a opening weekend with just $ 13 million (again, in the US), compared to a budget that ranges between $ 88 and $ 110 million . Importantly, again, GI Joe’s movie is Paramount’s big August premiere .

In a way, the easy way out of some movies’ poor box office grossing is to point to the streaming market. And in certain cases we would be totally right.No time to die

The strategy of simultaneous premieres in streaming and theaters of studios such as Disney or Warner have made some of the most anticipated films come out at the same time on platforms such as HBO Max or Disney Plus . Both companies have “applauded” the good data harvested by the platforms in both premiere formats.

The Disney thing has its crumb, because they also use the Premium Access format , which implies an extra cost of € 21.99 to see a premiere movie on the platform (as long as you have that type of access).

Black Widow has unleashed a storm for its box office, as the salaries of stars like Scarlett Johansson depend partially on the income of the film at the box office, not Disney Plus.

In addition, there is the recurring theme that piracy is blatantly easy when a movie like Black Widow is in high quality on the platform, available to anyone who wants to upload it to the network.

Other films that have shared a simultaneous premiere, such as Mortal Kombat or Godzilla vs Kong , have managed to amortize their budget, long in the case of Godzilla vs Kong, but it seems that The Suicide Squad, as happened to Wonder Woman 1984, does not carry such an acceptable pace.Although the forecast of James Gunn’s film is similar (in proportion) to that of Godzilla vs Kong (double the international collection than in the US), it seems that there is something that is scaling analysts, despite the fact that from HBO Max say it is the second most watched movie on its opening weekend.

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