We remember the 10 films with the best sex scenes that have been screened at the San Sebastián Film Festival to celebrate its 69th edition. They have put it to us

San Sebastián is one of the most hedonistic cities in the world. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know I’m not lying. But those days when the Kursaal, the María Cristina hotel, the Okendo square, the Santa Catalina bridge, the old town or the Zurriola and La Concha beaches are filled with celebrities and intellectuals, Donostia rises to a city of ecstasy. It is true that its famous San Sebastián Film Festival , active and uninterrupted since September 21, 1953, has almost always awarded prizes for the most restless, social and avant-garde cinema: The Impenetrable Face (1961), by Marlon Brando; It rains on my heart (1969), by a rookie Coppola; Furtivos (1975), by José Luis Borau; Beginning and end(1993), by Arturo Ripstein; What is life? (1999), by François Dupeyron; In the house (2012), by François Ozon; Between two waters (2018) by Isaki Lacuesta … But throughout its 69 editions it has also made room for captivating films with some of the best sex scenes in cinema.

To celebrate the sexiest edition of the only category A international Spanish film festival –that is, the ones that break their faces with Cannes and Berlin–, we review the ten films with the most erotic scenes that, with or without a prize, they left breathless to viewers and critics. Some competed for the Golden Shell. Others were exhibited in the parallel sections of the contest. But all, after their subsequent release in theaters, became part of the history of cinema. If one of them escaped you in your day, this is the time to open your eyes wide and recover the titles that we propose to you by Bertolucci, David Lynch, Mike Figgis, Steve McQueen, Woody Allen, Nagisa Ôshima … Because meaningful sex filmed by expert hands is pure art. And if you are a fan of the genre, do not stop reading our articleserotic movies to watch alone or as a couple and the darkest (and best) erotic movies in the history of cinema


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