Squid Game: The Real Life Story That Inspired Netflix 1 Korean Series

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Squid Game Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this 9-part series has caused a sensation since its premiere on September 17 on Netflix. Brutal, sadistic, realistic and symbolic, this fiction mixes childhood games, survival and death


It is almost impossible that you do not know of the existence of a South Korean series that since its premiere on Netflix , on September 17, has become the favorite of the platform worldwide. Its name is ” The Squid Game .” If you are one of the few who have not seen it yet, here we will tell you about it. A group of people with serious financial problems will find on their way the opportunity to get out of the misery and misfortune in which they find themselves if they participate in a mysterious childhood game. Whoever wins can win up to 45.6 billion won, but whoever loses will be killed instantly by a cold, dry bullet. Are you interested in continuing reading?

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Brutal, sadistic, realistic and symbolic, there are many qualifiers that we can give to this plot created by Hwang Dong-hyuk , the Korean scriptwriter and director, who has said that “The Squid Game” or “Squid Game”, as is also known knows him, is meant to be an allegory of modern society.

“Games could be something that you used to play as a child when you were innocent and that could have the most intimidating consequences of life and death,” he explained. “The combination of the two could create a very surprising irony,” stated Dong-hyuk during the promotion of the series.


Hwang Dong-hyuk wrote “The Squid Game” in 2008. As revealed by the director, he was inspired by Japanese comics such as “Battle Royale”, “As the Gods Will ” or ” Alice in Borderland ” that he read in that year. In many of these stories, there was something in common, “financially desperate” people playing some survival game. Then he thought about how it would be to bring this plot to the reality of Korea, the same one in which the creator himself was going through money difficulties.

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The idea, however, remained on standby. “After my debut, I frequented comic book stores, read a lot, and thought about creating a comic book story. I finished the script in 2009, but it was unknown at the time, and the script was very violent, complex, not very commercial, “explained Dong-hyuk, adding that although he tried later,” I could not raise enough investment, the casting was difficult, I tried take it forward for a year, but then I let him sleep ”.

Luckily for the Korean, in 2018 Netflix is interested in producing its script and in September 2019, it announced through a press release that it would create a Korean original series, initially called “ Round Six ”.

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Green light, red light
The games that we see throughout the 9 chapters of the series are based on traditional Korean children’s games from the seventies. One of them, from which the program takes its name, is the squid game which consists of drawing different geometric shapes (circle, square or triangle) on the ground, which when put together seem to form a squid. “It’s something that I used to play as a child in the schoolyard or in the small streets of the neighborhood,” revealed Dong-hyuk . Another very popular game these days following the series is called ” Green Light, Red Light .” Which consists of staying frozen in front of the policeman who says: red light, green light, one, two and three! In the case of the series, this simple and sane game ends with the losers being killed by a large inflatable doll.

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And why use these types of games in the series? “It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to understand the rules of these types of games,” explained the director. The essence of the survival game is the level of entertainment and watching the participants fight to win, ”Hwang said.

Because of the simplicity of the rules, “The Squid game” is focused on how they act and match participants. We also focus on the losers of the game, not the winners; without losers, will there really be winners?

A soundtrack that takes you back in time
The music we hear during each episode of ” The Squid Game ” is based on well-known Korean children’s songs. What was once tender now becomes terrifying. “We took some music from those days, and classical music that was popular back then was incorporated into the program. The music director is a genius, so I got a lot of help from him and we were able to experiment, “Hwang stated.


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