Spider-Man 2 de Marvel’s is ready to have a gallery updated versions

Spider-Man 2 is ready to have a gallery of crazy rogues, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may still be a few years away, but its reveal trailer seems to tell gamers a lot about what to expect from Insomniac’s upcoming PS5 exclusive. Miles and Peter can be seen performing a team move, seemingly confirming that the pair of webslingers can perform team takedowns on enemies. Peter is seen using Iron Spider’s legs, suggesting that they will be a prominent part of his move set in the sequel. The heroes even wear some updated versions of their suits, with Miles’s arms red and Peter’s suit a darker color.

The main villains of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Venom and Kraven

Obviously, the big reveal of the trailer is that Venom will be the main threat that Peter and Miles will deal with in their last outing. Based on the dialogue, a playable Venom is not out of the question, as it looks like it could be answering Kraven’s call for a difficult hunt. While Peter and Miles will have to step in, there’s a chance Venom will briefly help the heroes. Still, this looks like the classic monstrous version of the character, so it can be assumed that Harry Osborn’s Venom will be as deadly as Eddie Brock’s.

As for Kraven the hunter , there is a lot of potential for the villain to steal the show. With the focus on two main villains, it is possible for one to be defeated midway through the game. Kraven could play the role that Mister Negative did in the 2018 game, while Venom could be the real threat as Doc Ock, or vice versa. With Kraven often overshadowed by adversaries like Doctor Octopus and Venom, giving it the same importance as the latter should create an exciting and original narrative.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Minor Villains: Kingpin, Wraith, and The Lizard

However, most fans will be talking about the villains that are now confirmed for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 . The most obvious is Venom, with the terrifying Symbiote looming out of the shadows as the teaser draws to a close. An equally exciting addition will be Kraven The Hunter, with the character seeking a challenge from friendly neighborhood heroes. Still, these are likely not the only villains to appear in the second game’s stacked rogues gallery.

Outside of Kraven and Venom, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 side missions will likely see each hero focused on a different adversary. For Miles Morales, a fight with the Kingpin is almost guaranteed, as it was established through side quests in his spinoff game. The Kingpin has threatened Miles’s loved ones, and since the villain has the resources to find them, Rio and Ganke could certainly be in danger. While Miles and Peter may team up for the main threats from Kraven and Venom, Miles may have to deal with the Kingpin on his own.

Peter could have an equally personal side story with former police detective Yuri Watanabe. Residing in Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC’s , he will likely be in the role of Wraith once players take control of Spidey once more. An antihero from the comics, Wraith kills criminals because he no longer believes in the justice system, a transformation that is foreshadowed in the expansions of The City Never Sleeps. While she won’t want trouble with Peter, he likely won’t let her kill, something that will undoubtedly lead to a fight between the two.

The latest secondary villain to be created is The Lizard, as Dr. Curt Connors appears in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Miles Morales . Clearly without his arm, a transformation into The Lizard is a legitimate possibility. While it could be saved for a possible Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 , there is a possibility that it will appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 . If you do, there’s a lot of potential for an excellent boss fight with the scaly antagonist. With The Lizard being possible alongside four other villains, Marvel’s next Spider-Man game could end up beating The Sinister Six when it comes to its villain lineup.


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