No Time to Die Actor Daniel Craig Emotional Farewell goodbye to 007

No Time to Die Film Releases, Daniel Craig Sad Says Emotional Farewell, After being delayed for almost a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the James Bond film , No Time To Die, has been shown in cinemas worldwide.

This news is like a breath of fresh air for fans of the action films starring Daniel Craig for the last 15 years.

Daniel Craig says goodbye to the enigmatic “James Bond”

But amid heated talk about the film, recently news broke that Daniel Craig was sad and holding back tears in a video that aired on Apple TV+ titled Being James Bond . Why is she crying? It turned out not to be tears of joy because the film was finished, or tears of disappointment because they were not satisfied with the results.

No Time To Die is an epic farewell to 007

He held back tears because he had to part with the James Bond film . As promised earlier that the film No Time To Die will be the last film in 007 James Bond .

In the clip, the veteran actor is seen giving a series of speeches to the crew and cast which he calls “one of the greatest honors of his life”.

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No time to die, already has a critical rating

“A lot of people have worked on these five films with me, and I understand there’s a lot I want to say about this film or even all of the previous films, whatever that is,” he said.

Musical icons, actors and characters of English royalty stand out at the premiere of the new James Bond film: No Time to Die

Stars of cinema, music and even characters from English royalty showed off at the world premiere of Agent 007’s new film : No Time To Die , which had its premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Daniel Craig says goodbye to James Bond

On the red carpet
Among those attending the premiere of the new film, the protagonists of the film such as Daniel Craig , Léa Seydoux and Naomie Harris participated , as well as members of the royalty such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate and Prince Charles with his wife.

Of the above, the one that caused the greatest furor on social networks was the main actor Daniel Craig , who wore a pink velvet jacket suit. This caused a divided opinion among his fans, causing many to support him stating that it was a ” daring ” choice and others criticizing it as an “inappropriate” option with the character of James Bond.

Early reviews of James Bond: No Time to Die

Not only were actors and royalty featured in the No Time To Die premiere , but attendees were also surprised to see the pop sensation of the moment: Billie Eilish . The singer attended with her brother Finneas O’Connell with whom she composed the main theme of the film entitled “No Time To Die”

Goodbye Daniel Craig
The premiere of No Time To Die marks James Bond’s 25th adventure and will sadly be Daniel Craig’s last rendition of the famous character. Following in the footsteps of storied actors such as Sean Connery , Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan , Daniel Craig played the British agent five times, achieving such film hits as Specter, Skyfall, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

The film has been acclaimed by critics and despite its recent release, it has already established itself as one of the best James Bond films on Rotten Tomatoes , achieving 87% positive reviews in the first days since its release.

Daniel Craig at the ‘No Time To Die’ Premiere

A woman like James Bond? Daniel Craig says no
The British actor gave his opinion on whether a woman should play the most famous secret agent in cinema in the James Bond saga.

There is very little left for the premiere of the latest James Bond film with Daniel Craig as agent 007 and new faces are beginning to be shuffled.

In the networks the idea of ​​a woman to play the famous spy was discussed and the actor had some words.

It seems that he does not like the idea very much
It seems, since in the preview of the premiere of the last film of agent 007, Daniel Craig referred to the idea of ​​a woman to play the role.

In a conversation with Radio Times , the British actor was asked what he thinks of a woman like James Bond and the answer was immediate.

The actor commented that “there just should be better parts for women and actors of color. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be such good roles as this, but for women? ‘

His opinion on this is in line with the franchise producer, Barbara Broccoli . In 2018, the producer said that “it is a male character and it was written so that it is “.

Broccoli ended his sayings by adding that ” we better create better female characters and add them to the work .”

No Time to Die
The next James Bond film will be called No Time to Die and opens on October 8.

It will be the last time we see Daniel Craig in James Bond shoes and the story takes place five years after his predecessor.

In it, James Bond is already retired, who returns to action at the request of Felix Leiter .

As always, plenty of action is expected, plus this will be Agent 007’s longest movie ever, at 163 minutes long.

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