Night Teeth Final trailer by Netflix

Netflix unveils the trailer for ‘Maw of the night’, vampiric supernatural thriller. A night of partying turns dangerous in ‘Maw of the Night’, from the original title ‘Night Theet, the new Netflix movie that premieres in October
Cinematographic novelties are beginning to appear with the clear purpose of drawing the attention of the audience in the days around the most terrifying night of the year: Halloween. The other day we were talking about ‘Halloween Kills’ that will hit theaters and today comes ‘Maw of the night’ which will premiere on Netflix in those days to come to the ‘trick or treat’.

Without being exactly a horror film, its plot seems ideal to premiere those previous days, since the matter is about vampires and how a night out gets a little out of control . The platform sells it as a supernatural thriller and what is more supernatural than the night of the dead?

What is ‘Maw of the Night’ about? The synopsis of the feature film may remind other recent movies about vampires so that we fool ourselves …

The day Benny picks up two mysterious girls in his taxi (coincidentally on his first night as a “pesto”), an unknown world opens up before him. They want to party all night (there are no restrictions due to Covid) in the city of Los Angeles. Soon he will discover that the plans of his captivating and attractive clients are different … The night will confuse them and our beloved taxi driver will find himself in the middle of a war of rival gangs of vampires against protectors of common humans. If you want the city not to drown in blood, you will have to enter that cryptic underworld and decide your side, that of the beautiful girls or the more earthly opposite.

Jorge Lendeborg, Jr. ( ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ ) is Benny, while his strange and supernatural clients are Debby Ryan ( ‘Every Day’ ) and Lucy Fry ( ‘The Godfather of Harlem’ ). Raúl Castillo is the protector of the human world. The cast is completed with Alfie Allen ( ‘Jojo Rabbit’ ), Megan Fox ( ‘Jennifer’s Body’ ), Alexander Ludwig ( ‘Vikings’ ) and Sydney Sweeney ( ‘Euphoria’, ‘The White Lotus’ ), among others.

A film directed by Adam Randall , who we know from the 2019 thriller ‘See you.’

Take a look at the trailer
‘Maw of the night’ (Night Teeth) premieres on October 20 on Netflix . In the mood for a blood party? Be careful and always with social distance and a mask


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