Cristiano Ronaldo Top collection with a luxury car

Cristiano Ronaldo surprised with a luxury car he bought and it costs a fortune, The Portuguese showed it for the first time when he arrived for training driving his new acquisition, which adds to his ostentatious collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to capture all the eyes of the footballing world in the United Kingdom for what he does on the pitch with Manchester United and also for what happens to him off the pitch. Now, the Portuguese gave that to speak for the luxury car in which he arrived to a training of his team.

It is a Bentley Flying Spur, which would be valued at about $ 350,000. This means that the new acquisition of ‘CR7‘ costs almost 1,400 million Colombian pesos.

Local media recorded some images of the arrival of the Portuguese to the training headquarters and it also attracted much attention that the attacker was escorted by two of his bodyguards, who were mobilizing in a Range Rover that also costs a considerable sum.

The funny thing is that this Bentley Flying Spur is far from being one of the most expensive cars in the entire Ronaldo collection. Last year, the Portuguese made headlines because he bought a Bugatti Centodieci that cost him more than $ 8 million. That luxury car is so exclusive that there are only ten units of that car in the world. At that time it was reported that the Centodieci would be the fourth Bugatti that ‘CR7’ acquired, after buying the Bugattis Vitesse, Chiron and Veyron Grand Sport. In addition, throughout his professional career, the striker has repeatedly boasted that he has bought Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Cars of that cut are definitely liked by the striker and he clearly has all the money in the world to buy them.

These are some of the images that were replicated of the new luxury car that Cristiano bought, with which he went to the recent United training sessions:

Cristiano Ronaldo could retire at Man Utd to start training his son

According to the English press, the Portuguese plan is to end his career with the Red Devils and become a manager in the lower categories of the club. With 36 years of age, the retirement of Cristiano Ronaldo is not yet close, because with his return to Manchester United , the Portuguese star showed that he still has the quality to lead important teams in Europe. The Portuguese return to the Premier League has been in style, as he accumulates three goals at the start of the English tournament; However, it seems that CR7 already has a plan for when it decides to put an end to its successful career. According to the newspaper The Sun, Cristiano could be considering becoming a coach of the lower categories of the Red Devils in order to direct his son Cristiano Jr , who has shown on several occasions that he has talent for soccer. The same medium details that the eldest of the ‘Bicho‘ children has already been put to the test by several coaches of the English team within the Manchester United sports complex. It should be remembered that the 11-year-old boy also played in the Juventus Basic Forces .

CR7’s mother’s wish In the event that Cristiano Ronaldo decides to retire as a Manchester United player, the crack would not be fulfilling the dream of his mother, Dolores Aveiro , who a few days ago revealed his greatest desire is to see CR7 hang up his boots playing for Sporting Lisbon , team where he started his career. “Ronaldo has to come back here, he would be here for me. He likes to watch Sporting games. I already told him: ‘ Son, before I die I want to see you come back to Sporting,'” said Dolores for the ‘ADN León’ program.

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